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Yousif Sheronick's unique skills in both World and Classical music have led him to perform with a diverse range of ensembles and musicians including Philip Glass, Yo-Yo Ma, Laurie Anderson, Ethos Percussion Group, Lark Quartet, Silk Road Ensemble, Branford Marsalis, Sonny Fortune,  Glen Velez and Paul Winter.  His many musical influences are highlighted in duoJalal, his venture with violist and wife Kathryn Lockwood.   


Specializing in World Percussion, Yousif’s compositions have been premiered and performed around the world at both the collegiate and professional level.  All compositions are published under his own label Bribie Recordings.

His latest composition is "Shaker Talk", a solo for Caxixi and Maracas.  Yousif was first inspired by shaker players when he visited Brazil while still in grad school.  In this piece, each hand represents a different person.  These people have short conversations with each other before one departs and another joins.  It's meant to be theatrical, silly and just plain fun. 



In demand as an educator, Yousif has conducted residencies and master classes at top universities including Juilliard, Manhattan School of Music, University of Michigan, University of Kentucky, the Queensland Conservatorium and National University in Australia.  Having produced two successful frame drum instructional DVDs, Yousif established his  online frame drum school in 2018.  Frame Drum School now has over 1000 enrolled students from 68 countries.


Artistic Director

Yousif is beyond thrilled to be co-Artistic Director, along with his wife Kathryn, of Telluride MusicFest in Colorado.  Each summer the festival hosts concerts in the most amazing venue perched on the side of a mountain at 10,000 feet!  For their 2nd season as Directors, duoJalal continued working with dancers from PILOBOLUS Jake Warren and Casey Howes; pianist Inessa Zaretsky, violinists Debbie Buck and Min Young Kim, cellist Caroline Stinson, and for the first time, pianist Orion Weiss.  MusicFest2024 will run from June 29th through July 7th. 

Telluride Concerts 2023 Poster-PRESS.jpg

Yousif Sheronick RIQ

Check out the new Artist Series Riq from Cooperman!  The Yousif Sheronick AIS Riq has two carved “scallop” arches between two of the jingle sets to extend the “reach” of the players fingers.  This facilitates a super comfortable grip when playing in either soft or cabaret position for any sized hands. 
Purchase the Riq directly from Yousif and receive one free month of his online course Contemporary Riq.

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